• Greeting In Heaven - Condolence Memorial Gift - Child Loss - Printable Art

    I had the honor of working on some intimate pieces lately- and although they are heavy with grief- I am hoping they bring a sense of light, hope, faith, understanding, and love. This top image was for a mother who lost her daughter unexpectedly. Here are a few variations of that artwork- and all three are now up on my website to purchase for an immediate download. *As with all my artwork, variations can be made to match hair and skin color. Feel free to contact me for pricing.
  • Top 9 Most Purchased Printables of 2019

    Thank you for a wonderful year! This year has been a big growing year for myself and Dilly Designs- and I couldn't have done it without all of you! Thank you for sharing your stories, your homes, and your hearts with me. I am forever grateful for each and everyone of you! Here's to 2020!
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  • Modern Articles of Faith - Printable JPG Files - Gold, Rose Gold, Gray, Black, Blue

    These beauties are now all up on the website! Come check out these in Gold, Rose Gold, Blue, Gray, and black. They also match my Family Proclamations and Living Christ Signs- so come snag all of them now!
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  • Custom Order Announcement!

    I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas! I feel so blessed for each and everyone of you- and honored to be a part of your homes and hearts.
    I am so excited to announce that I am ready to re-open custom orders! I know many of you have reached out- only to be told that I can't accept custom orders at that time. Please know how much I appreciate your patience! My time and space are limited- so please reach out quickly before I am all booked! The best way to reach me is through my website or at kamie@dillydesignsart.com.
  • The Articles of Faith - Modern Emphasized Printable - Engineer Sizing - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

    I now have this Articles of Faith - Modern Empasized Printable ready to download in black! Other matching colors to my Family Proclamations and Living Christ Signs in Rose Gold, Gold, Blue, Blush, and Gray will be available soon- so make sure to check out my site soon!
  • "Even though my heart is broken, my ears are filled with tears, I feel peace knowing you're with the one we're celebrating this year."

    It's been awhile since I've posted, (I've been juggling the three kids and this time of year sickness!) but I wanted to make sure I made time to get these beautiful calligraphy prints up for those of you that need a gift for a grieving loved one this Christmas.
    "Even though my heart is broken, my ears are filled with tears, I feel peace knowing you're with the one we're celebrating this year."
  • New Series - Dad and Angel Baby - Printable Memorial Art

    I just launched this new series for all the father's who have lost a baby. I listened to your requests- and created these to match my Mom and Angel Baby Series. Not only is this a thoughtful memorial or sympathy gift, but since it's a printable, it is a quick condolence gift to truly fit your needs for grieving loved one.
  • Louiseville Kentucky Temple - Digital Watercolor Painting

    Just finished the Louiseville Kentucky Temple- Now available on my website!

    "As we attend the temple, there can come to us a dimension of spirituality and a feeling of peace which will transcend any other feeling which could come into the human heart. We will grasp the true meaning of the words of the Savior when He said: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. … Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”1Such peace can permeate any heart—hearts that are troubled, hearts that are burdened down with grief, hearts that feel confusion, hearts that plead for help. _
    - Thomas S Monson
  • Trick or Treat - Halloween Sign Printable

    You guys- Halloween is just around the corner! Who else feels like September is just flying by?
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  • Articles of Faith - Art Printable

    Although these pieces are some of the first I ever created, they are still some of my favorites. ♥
    #articlesoffaith #christhuggingboy #christ #jesuschrist #Christ'sembrace #jesusandboy #jesushuggingboy #jesusart #christart #hislove #becauseofhim #whatwebelieve #articlesoffaithdecor #primarygifts #primaryartwork #churchofjesuschrist
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